Aug 11, 2010

May 2010: Edward Bears

When I went to get the clothing for new bears, I fell in love with both these shirts and thought it would be fun to make two bears for the same family again. Both shirts are long-sleeved flannel and both were soft from washing and wearing. The red/blue one seemed playful while the brown/blue one seemed more serious. I could hardly wait to get started on them because I was already seeing the shirts as bears and knew they would be well loved.

What I didn't think about until I went to cut them out was that it would be necessary (for me anyway) to match those plaids vertically and horizontally. The red plaid has a large pattern to it and matching it up was a challenge. Actually, it was a "bear" to do and it tested my patience and my crafting abilities. However, it felt so good to make it work! I was glad I did the red one first because it made the smaller pattern on the other one seem so easy!

I finished the red, white and blue bear on the Memorial Day weekend and posted it on Facebook to commemorate that day . I like to think Edward would have liked taking part of the celebration of life.  What do you think?  The brown and blue bear was finished the next weekend. When I look at the two bears together I see the fun and serious sides of Edward. I hope his family remembers both sides of this man who was loved when they see their bears.
Edward Bears May 2010

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  1. Wow! These bears are gorgeous! I love how you took the time to make the pattern all come together. I can almost see the one on the right smoking a cigar and one on the right in a poker game! :) They are adorable as I am sure was the man who wore them.