Aug 22, 2010

June 2010: Mike Bear

After the degree of difficulty of the Edward bears, I wanted to do something a little easier. I chose this shirt because I knew there would be no pattern matching and I also knew the fabric would be nice to work with. Plus, it was requested by Mike's daughter and that touched me. I'm still not ready to make one with my dad's shirt, but I sure could start on one for another daughter. 

I cut all the pieces out on a Sunday, planning to put Mike bear together the next weekend. You know what happens when you make plans, right. The Thursday before the planned weekend, my mother had two strokes and my family's life took a new direction. I had no idea when I would be back to sewing or even back to my own home. I considered turning the pattern pieces in and asking someone else to make the bear, but I really didn't want to do that. Fortunately, my family all pitched in and after a couple of weeks, I did have some free weekends to sew.

Getting back to sewing the bear was a pleasure. It gave me the opportunity to focus on something other than my job and my mom, which was important right then. The bear went together so easily, I was amazed. I wonder if Mike was an easy-going kind of guy. The pieces went together nicely, there wasn't a lot of fraying on the edges so I didn't have to use any lining, and the weather was nice and cool. Who could ask for more?

I made a little pocket for the front, turning the fabric wrong side out. I did the same thing for the soles of the feet for contrast.
I did a little something different with this bear, adding the tag to the bottom of the back pocket. I think it looks a little like a tail and it adds a touch of whimsy to the bear. I hope Mike's daughter likes it!


  1. Another good bear, Laurie. Do you find each of them taking on their own personality as you work? I like the contrast...good idea. Thanks for the pictures, you have done so many bears in such a short amount of time. It is a very good project.

  2. Yes, they do take on their own personality and it's fun to see that happen. I usually make the head first so the bear can "watch" the rest of it come together.

    I finished another bear this weekend and will post about it soon and with more pictures. It was my biggest challenge yet, and very satisfying to complete.

  3. I'm so impressed with what you do Laurie. I simply have no talent for this type of project. So glad you do. Mike's daughter is going to love what you've done. Looking forward to seeing what you did this weekend. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. :) Only you would make the head first so it could watch the rest being made. That is so YOU! Mike bear is manly and I love the touch of whimsy you gave him. I hope he brings Mike's daughter happiness and wonderful memories.

  5. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. I am blessed to be able to do this for others.