Mar 9, 2010

2/10: James Bears Finished!

Here are the James Bears, all spiffy and ready to go to their owners. These were my first bears who needed pattern matching and I worked hard to make that happen. I think they turned out very nice. The bear on the left is from a well worn shirt so I had to be careful laying out the pattern to match the plaid and avoid holes and stains. I see his collar is a bit askew but that can be fixed. The bear on the right was made from a shirt that had probably never been worn. I was glad to discover that by being in the same bag for storage both shirts had the scent of the owner. I know that means a lot to the people who get them. 

Well, I turned them around and they switched place. I'm telling you, James Bears had real personalities while they were being made. The pockets in the back are for any little mementos the owners want to keep.  


  1. I love the collars and the button placket in the front. I'm sure these bears will bring smiles and comfort to James' family for years to come.

  2. I love these too... the pattern matching is perfect and my mother, who was a magnificently talented tailor and designer said that is the greatest sign of someone who knows their stuff. So much harder to do on a little bear though! Not to mention that you had to work not with yards of fabric but from shirt pieces, and worn ones at that. I bow to you.

    I like that they have the collars... and what a nice thing that the smell was transferred from the well worn shirt to the new one. Please come back and do posts on the reactions of the people who get all of these.

  3. The person who requested these bears asked that the collars be used and I've seen other sewers use the button plackets. I love the distinguished look it gives them. Thank you for your comments!

  4. Thank you Sydney. Each bear is a little different even though the pattern is the same. They each end up with their own personality!

    We don't see the person who receives the bears. They are picked up by or mailed to the people who requests them, or sometimes the nurse who cared for a patient delivers them.

    I do, however, work with some people who have been the recipient of a Memory Bear and I know first hand how much they mean to the families. I was also able to give Terry the bear I made for her mom.

    At some point I plan to make myself a bear with a shirt I have that my dad wore. I see it in my mind, but I'm not ready yet to make it.