Feb 6, 2010

2/10: James Bears

I've been working on these two bears for a couple of weeks now. I've only had a bit of time to work on them so they are taking longer than I wanted but they should be finished this weekend. I am much further along than this picture indicates.

The two shirts were similar and yet quite different. Both were long-sleeved shirts from LL Bean but one was well worn with a few holes in it and one was probably never worn. Both shirts told me this was a man with good taste and who was well loved. The bears I am making are only two of the ten his family has requested.

I plan to finish the bears this weekend. I'm thinking James would appreciate knowing these two were finished during one of the most talked about Super Bowl games ever!


  1. That DOES give good vibes to the little bears. Football season and sewn by a football fan! I love the little pockets on the back. Was that in the pattern or did you add that?

  2. The pockets are something we can add or not, depending on how we feel. I like the idea of a pocket so the owner can put a little something in it. Could be a piece of memorabilia or a sachet or a card ... I just like the idea and I'm putting them on the bears I make.