Dec 6, 2009

12/6: Making and Finishing Leanor Bear

Leanor was made over several days, bits at a time. Once again I felt connected to the person wore the garment. I talked to her while I cut and pinned and sewed. When I accidentally clipped the inside of the right ear and wanted to cry I felt her support. I tried to fix it without taking the head apart, but I could hear my own mother saying that "a thing doing at all is worth doing it well" so I took it apart, cut out a new ear and sewed it all back together. I was glad I did! Thanks, mom.

After that, Leanor went very quickly. I had her stuffed mid-week and left her still open in the back for a few days to let her stuffing settle and then add a bit more before I closed her up and put the pocket on her back today. While she settled, I started making my 3rd bear, Helen. Her story is next!

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