Nov 28, 2009

11/28/09: The Beginning of Leanor Bear

After I delivered Phillip Bear to the Sharp Hospice volunteer office, I chose the garment for my next bear.  I told them I probably couldn't do one in the two week time period they ask for, so they gave me one from farther down the list. 

This new garment is a jacket that belonged to Leanor, who passed away under hospice care. The bear I am making is the 10th bear for her family, the limit we will do for a family whose loved one was in Sharp Hospice. 

Leanor must have always smelled very good. This jacket carries her perfumed scent, one I recognize as familiar but cannot name. I believe this was something she probably wore for special occasions with pale pink pants and pretty earrings. The jacket is well made and partially lined. 

I ironed on the interfacing, laid out all the pieces and got them cut out yesterday. Everything went smoothly this time and I felt good about what I was doing. I did have a moment when I got completely confused about right side up and upside down, but this time I was able to figure it out in short order. I am using the white lining for the soles of the feet (paws) and the inside of the ears. It's too sheer to be used on its own so I'm using the jacket fabric behind the sheer fabric. I think it will look nice.  I will probably finish the assembly of the bear tomorrow and maybe even stuff it during the Charger game. Leanor was from San Diego, so I'm sure she was a Charger fan, too!


  1. I like the idea of the feet pads with the sheer fabric softening the print behind it. That will look great. And I have to admit, I am impressed that Leanor had ten people (maybe even more) to request for her. That says a lot.

  2. Is this a silky material? I always had to use a small diameter needle when sewing thin material to keep it from bunching up.

  3. Sizzie, I was impressed that there were 10 people, too. I think she had a large family.

    Donna, the lining is silky but the jacket isn't. I do need to get finer needles, though. Thanks for the reminder.