Nov 19, 2009

11/19/09: A Bump In The Road for Phillip Bear

Last night I cut out all the pieces and there are lots of them. Most of the pieces need to be cut twice, one right side up and one right side down on the fabric. As I mentioned earlier, that's why I made the yellow pieces. They would all go right side down. It was a perfect plan. You can see in my picture from the night before that I had it all laid out correctly. Well, after I took that picture, I moved things around a bit to get some pieces to match up better. Then last night I laid a few down to finish and put a yellow one right side up! I didn't notice this until I went to match everything up before I went to bed. I was so excited to see how it was all going to come together and could already envision Phillip Bear with his blue body and white spots in just the right places. Then I saw the blue back was going to have one side inside out if I went with what I cut. Oops! I'm guessing this happens to every bear maker at least once. At least that's what I'm telling myself! Tonight I will lay that pattern piece (right side down) on some of the remaining fabric and I'll be good to go.


  1. Since I have sewn quite a bit myself, I know how easy that mistake is to make. I am glad you had enough shirt to cut another piece.

    It's the weekend and I know you are going to be sewing! Waiting for more Phillip bear.

  2. These are comments from two friends at work who are experienced Memory Bear makers. Carolyn and Colette are my inspiration and my guides.

    I’m working on Margaret right now. There have been several bears where I have a “conversation” with the owner. Some need none and others are downright tearful.
    I am proud that you dug right in and are finishing on time – mine are rarely on time.
    Pam Kay just blows me a-way – how can you finish a bear in an hour? It takes me between 6 and 8 hours total.
    It can take an hour just cutting it out. She sews them together in 30 min – how???????
    I have pictures of each finished bear I’ve done. I haven’t taken pictures of the journey, just the destination.
    Each bear I turn in goes with all my hopes – hope it looks like what they wanted, hope it holds up over time and mostly hope that it gives the comfort intended.

    Make more!"

    "WOW – rest assured that we’ve ALL had the same learning curve. After 100 bears it still takes me longer to lay out the bears than it does to sew and stuff. And from time to time I still need to re-do the nose and ear placement." Colette

    "Nose and ears are not the only re-do areas.
    Very few bears go together perfectly – and thankfully very few need lots of re-do’s.
    Long ago I made peace with sewing – I don’t sew unless I’m willing to un-sew each stitch."