Nov 28, 2009

11/25/09: Returning Phillip Bear

I took Phillip to the Sharp Hospice volunteer office on Wednesday afternoon. I had thought about asking a friend who was planning to take her two bears out there for me, but decided this was one of those things I should do myself. I'm glad I did. 

Not only did I get to meet the two wonderful employees who work in the volunteer office, but I also got to see what goes on there and understand more of the process. It was interesting and it was emotional. That seems to be how this thing works!

One of the women showed me how they finish off the Memory Bears with a nice bow around their necks, with a tag saying the bear was made for them by volunteers and the name of that person on the back of the tag. Then they put the bear in a crisp white bag lined with blue tissue paper. It looks so nice when it's all put together. 

Then they contact the family to let them know their Memory Bear is ready. I was told the family usually comes in to pick up their bear(s) and that it's often a very emotional experience. Sometimes the bears are mailed to the families and sometimes the nurse who helped take care of the loved one who passed delivers the bear to the family. Thinking of that and how it would play out brought me to tears. 

Phillip Bear was met with compliments by both women and they said he would be ready for his family soon. I felt good about leaving him in their hands, knowing that in a short time he would be bringing comfort to someone who loved the man who wore the shirt that was now his body. 

I did leave with a new bag and the garment waiting to be a new bear, but that's the beginning of a new story.


  1. Good work, Laurie.

  2. Unbelievably darling Laurie. What a wonderful thing to be doing. I used to be a hospice nurse and these would have been a big hit with many of my patient's families.

  3. Thank you, Leigh. I'm happy I can do this for the families. It feels good to be able to give some form of comfort to them. You nurses are the real angels.